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Mosquito Repellents

By Dr. Tina Boylston


Mosquitoes are most active during the hours of dawn and dusk.  Avoid being outside during these peak feeding times.  If you cannot avoid being out, wear long sleeves and pants to limit the amount of skin exposed to bites.  Use mosquito netting over infant carriers as a barrier.


Mosquitoes lay eggs in as little as ¼” of water.  The most important intervention you can make in eliminating mosquitoes from your property is to eliminate their breeding ground.  Here are some commonly overlooked areas:

  • children’s toys
  • plastic or canvas tarps, pool covers
  • plant trays/saucers
  • pet food/dishes
  • old tires
  • bird baths
  • clogged rain gutters
  • livestock water troughs
  • garden hoses, sprinklers
  • garbage can lids


1)    You should apply just enough repellent to cover only your child’s exposed skin.  Never apply under clothing, diapers, or swimwear.

2)    Do not apply repellent around your child’s mouth or on his hands.  This decreases the amount they might inadvertently ingest. (note: If your infant chews on his feet, avoid applying repellent there as well.)

3)    Do not apply over Read More…

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