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What is ADHD?

by Dr Wilson Wayne Grant, MD

The Way They Are
Children may have difficulty with learning and behavior for many reasons. However, the most common reason for children to underachieve and have difficult behavior is the presence of the developmental condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

Children with ADHD demonstrate varying degrees of short attention span, impulsiveness, disorganization, and physical hyperactivity. These behaviors can interfere with the child’s academic achievement as well as his or her social adjustment.

Three primary developmental patterns define ADHD (or ADD). These are:

Disordered Attention Control
Disordered Impulse Control
Disordered Activity Control

A Common Thread
Common to all of these disruptive symptoms is a lack of organization and control. It is as if a traffic light at a very busy intersection has gone awry, jumbling the traffic into bizarre and disorganized patterns. In fact, something like this is what is happening in the mind of the child with ADHD

Underlying the inadequate control of activity, attention, and impulse is a dysfunction of the interior of the brain resulting in decreased mental organization. That Read More…

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